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This office will close on Thursday, December 22 and reopen on Tuesday, January 17.

If you are looking for a Powerdive or Tankless Diving unit, these will be available until December 30. Please ring 0418285500


Wetsuit & Drysuit Repairs

We repair and alter all types of wetsuits and drysuits. Triathlon suit repairs require specialist adhesive - don't be tempted to use a well-known sealant! Don't throw away a wetsuit because it's torn or you've broken the zipper - it's highly likely it can be fixed at a very reasonable price!

If your wetsuit has "shrunk" or you are not an "off the rack" size, don't despair! We are able to repair or alter most wetsuits to your requirements.

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Tankless Diving Systems - Powerdive

Do you need to clean under your boat? Would you like a safe means of untangling a rope from your propeller, or checking under your boat? 

Or would you simply like an easy means of shallow diving without the need for heavy scuba equipment?

Then seriously consider a battery driven hookah system, think Powerdive.

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