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Drysuit Repairs

Need a drysuit repaired?

Trading hours are 10am-6pm,  Monday to Thursday. If you really need to come on Saturday please phone 95404774 AHEAD OF TIME for an appointment

If you are sending a drysuit for neoprene seals please  provide neck and wrist measurements!

For tips on how to look after your drysuit see our “Suit Care” page. For information about Wetsuit repairs & alterations, please visit that page.

We replace drysuit neck seals and wrist seals (latex or neoprene), zippers, and repair leaks. We are also able to replace latex seals with neoprene seals on some suits. We attach kevlar knee and elbow pads, kevlar bums and pockets. We are also able to attach Halcyon style pockets to neoprene suits. 

Drysuits represent a considerable investment. Our repairs and alterations are professionally done and cost effective. Professional quality repairs that will last require the correct adhesives, specialist sewing machines adjusted to stitch rubber, UV resistant thread and considerable experience. Do not rely on the advice of your mate to use a well-known "flexible" sealer - it will ultimately damage your suit and make the problem much harder to fix.


We do not quote over the phone. There are too many variables so we have a strict policy of sighting the damage before we quote. Please note there is a $30 charge to quote. This is refundable on the cost of the repair.

Where do I send it?

Our address is: 10 B Percival Rd Caringbah South, NSW 2229 (bottom of driveway)

Please ensure your suit is washed, dry inside and out, and free of sand and urine. We cannot work on suits that are wet or dirty, and a $16.50 per suit cleaning fee applies. We do our best to get your suit completed as quickly as possible. However, many factors influence this and we cannot guarantee an absolute time frame.

Make sure your phone number and what you want done is included with the suit. We are constantly amazed at the number of suits which arrive without paperwork or contact number!

Please note: All items are at the owner's risk whilst on site and in transit.

If you wish to drop your suit in:

We are open 10am-6pm,  Monday to Thursday. If you really need to come on Saturday please phone 95404774 AHEAD OF TIME for an appointment. And please understand, I am like anyone else who works through the week - I do things on the weekend!

Come to the bottom of the driveway (leave your car at the top unless you enjoy reversing!)

Otherwise send the suit to 10 B Percival Rd Caringbah South, NSW 2229. Include your details, and preferably a mobile contact number, details of the damage and if possible mark it with chalk. We will notify you by text message or phone when the job is complete.