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Petrol Driven Super Snorkel


The PowerDive Super Snorkel petrol hookah unit is popular with scuba and commercial divers for such activities as crayfish (lobster) or abalone fishing and pearl or fish farming, particularly in remote locations where tank refills are difficult to access. The Super Snorkel Hookah allows you to work faster and more comfortably without the restrictions of Scuba tanks!

The Super Snorkel hookah uses a 5.5cfm oil-less pump which is bolted directly to the 4.0 h/p Honda GX120 motor supplied. The system is rated up to 120PSI. The unit is finished with only the best stainless steel braided hose and fittings and has a built in pressure gauge. Because of this design, there are no filters on the system and being direct drive there are no belts, so this is a very low-maintenance unit to run. The pump and motor are directly bolted to a medical grade stainless frame with built-in receiver tanks. A carry handle is mounted over the top so you can transport the unit with ease.

The unit will take a single diver to 25 metres, or two divers to 16 metres.


You will never have to carry, wear or refill a scuba tank again!!

Complete System:  AU $5,995

Why not ring us to discuss how the Super Snorkel can boost your diving time.


The Complete Package includes:

1 x SuperSnorkel compressor unit fitted to Honda petrol motor and stainless steel reservoir base 
2 x 100psi regulator second stage with dive harness
1 x gear bag
1 x 3 metre air intake snorkel hose


1 x 50m (machine to Y-piece)
2 x 10m (Y-piece to diver)

Note: Extension hoses available to increase horizontal distance from boat or jetty.


Number of divers:


Operating Power:
Honda GX-120 4.0HP engine

Maximum Depth*:
1 diver to 25 metres *
2 divers to 16 metres *

Dive Duration:
4+ hrs using inbuilt tank above

Set-up time:
3 mins


5.5cfm oil-less pump

Low maintenance

12 month warranty (return to base)

Operating pressure:
120 psi.

Inflow Rate:
13.5 cfm.

Total weight 29kg 

* Achievable depths vary (plus or minus) depending on a number of factors (diving experience, level of exertion, breathing technique, age, fitness, etc).